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Offering thousands of music tracks and cues from a variety of genres Wolfies Music has the music and resources you need Music for Film, T.V, Web 100% original pre cleared and customizable

Music Licensing Made Easy!!

Music for your post production needs.

Are looking for music for your T.V, WEBTV, Commercials, Film what ever your need WMP has you covered. Our catalog is diverse as the globe from Rock to Bach. We work with some of the best up and coming composers and artist along with well established and prolific songwriters and music professionals. Providing music for some of the worlds largest brands.

Custom Music Composition

As well as providing existing tracks, WMP works with its signed artists and composers to provide custom tracks. These can be either custom variations on existing tracks or complete new compositions. We also have a wide variety of VOICE OVER artist from around the globe who work with our experienced writers & producers who then can design something to suit your brand.

Mp3 player

This music player is filled with music highlighting some various genres and moods. It is being updated regularly to better reflect our catalog. These songs have been featured in various T.V shows and other multi media outlets. This player is NOT a complete listing. Genres from Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop, World, New Age, Acoustic Scoring cues and many more. There are other players within this site remember to scroll down through.

  • Music Submissions On HOLD

    ON HOLD! Important
    Due to the ammount of music submitted to us we are having to place our music submissions on hold for a bit. We will be in touch with you if you have submitted already just give us some time to go thru all that has been sent.

  • US Copyright...

    Act Now! Important
    You need to file a copyright of your songs ASAP so you can protect your music. It is as easy as sending an email... read more →

  • Need help with your Recordng?...

    Check it out! Helpful tools
    If your like me you are always looking to find great resources in helping you sharpen your craft this place has it... read more →

  • Changes @ Wolfie's Music

    Just in! Music News!
    Wolfies Music is partnering with one of the leaders in online radio and music providers for various clients through out the World, providing music to various retail outlets, resturants and corporate clients on a global basis... read more →

  • Sign with ASCAP...

    Important! Protect yourself
    It is so important to be a part of a PRO when you are a Composer, an Artist or in a Band, you need someone in your corner helping you collect royalties of your music performance for both Live and SYNC... read more →

Music Tools Reviews

We will be starting a new section online where we will be sharing our reviews of certain products and tools that we as musicians and artist use perhaps on a regular basis. We will share helpful hints, reviews, and tips on better ways to make your music sound like it should! Check it →

Music Reviews...

We will be posting various reviews of some bands and artist we work with in this section as we begin to expand. Currently you can check out some of Mark Allan Wolfe's music by clicking HERE →

Need Music to SYNC?

If your looking for music for any size project then take a moment to visit the licensing store. Music for just about anything from Rock to BACH and all can be custom edited. read →

Latest Review

WAVES – ‘One Knob Series’

The Waves ‘One Knob Series’ is a collection of seven effect processors available in both stereo and mono and designed as quick fix plugins for use during the mixing stages. ... read more →