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We have also made some new updates to several pages here and added a few, all to help you the musician and artist to sharpen your skills, or for the old pro to stay in tune. We feel that education is a large part of being successfull but so over looked by many trying to find their goals and dreams become a reality.

As you may see from time to time we have still been up loading and adding material both music and reviews as well as news and other things to this website.Things have been moving right along a little bit at a time. We have been listening to a lot of music from artist like yourself and answering questions from music supervisoers on how they might be able to use our music.

One thing we are doing is trying to be as open as we can in this endeavor. We feel that everyone is already worn out from trying to get to where they are wanting to get, that it is refreshing to find a place that is real and not full of gimmicks or charging you money to listen to your music. Also we are placing reviews of various tools that we use and perhaps you as an artist may use as well. It is always good to read up on certain tools and plug ins before you buy them for then you will know what tool you may find as a necessity.


Music of Mark Allan Wolfe

Finding placements with in one of the History Channels biggest shows AMERICAN PICKERS! He is also finding placements with some of CABLES HOTTEST shows such as Barter Kings, NY Ink, Animal Planet,


songrilla logo - The Future of Music is a music download site, which sells the music of small labels and unsigned artists. Music lovers find a wide range of new, exciting and innovative music of all styles, they hardly find anywhere else on the web. The artists and labels can use the services without fixed costs. There is only a revenue share, when songs are sold. Besides this offers some very inetresting features to organize direct sales via the internet. In particular this are the new HTML 5 players, which can be adapted to the design of the artist or label website easily. So everyone can over prelistening and download sales on his own website. The integration is very easy via iframe. Just have a look at the players here on the website and at Then offers a Facebook APP to promote the music at Facebook. People can listen to the music and buy it directly. For more information and registration click here..... Tell them Wolfies Music sent you!

Make Money with royalty free music!

Wolfies Music working with a online music service that is very exciting! We are now offering an option for anyone who has royalty free music available to make some money with it. This new service is an online service where companies can download and licence songs for different utilizations. If accepted into the system, the songs are used for a variety genre specific music streams. Which is offered to shops, hotels, restaurants, spas, gyms, bars etc. all around the world. The streaming is based on monthly fee. The fees are shared with the content partners. So if you are interested in this project just write some words about your music (genre, number of tracks etc.) and visit the Royalty Free Music Submissions page and email us the info. Do NOT submit music that is already listed with in a collection society, ASCAP, BMI. If you have music that is listed and would like us to hear it for possible placements then use the MUSIC SUBMISSIONS page.